Welcome to Betterbill Photography. My desire is to show the world through photography what a wonderful place we all live in. I do this mostly with landscape and travel photography with some macro shots thrown in. I also want to chronicle the activities, holidays and growing up of my family. This past year I had the privilege of being a volunteer photographer for the city of Lenexa and photographed many of their events.

    Following are my photography goals for 2013 and the outcomes:

    1. Finish and publish Blurb TransAm Bicycle Book. You can find the book at:
    2. Finish photographing Kansas and publish Blurb book. This has turned into a big project - Maybe this year.
    3. Learn and develop "casual" portrait techniques. All my portraits are casual.
    4. Attend two photo workshops. Actually attended three.
    5. Visit five art/photography galleries or shows. Yes, at least that many.
    6. Projects: Black & White, Shadows, Reflections - 30 of each. Not fulfilled!
    7. Photograph Atlantic Coast lighthouses. Did not get to the Atlantic
    8. Go on at least four photo walks including a zoo. Went on photo walks, but did not visit a zoo.
    9. Spend a week photographing in Yellowstone. My Yellowstone photos can be seen in my Travel/Yellowstone folder on this site.
    10. Enter at least three photo competitions. Took first place in photography in the Lenexa Art Competition.

    Photography goals for 2014:
    1. Focus on Kansas City Fountains.
    2. Photograph the Kansas Capitol building from outside.
    3. Photograph Kansas native flowers and grasses.
    4. Photograph the Fling Hills Burn.
    5. Shoot Nebraska Sand Hill Crane migration.
    6. Shoot the Cimarron National Grassland.
    7. Go on a week long bicycle photo tour.
    8. Visit art galleries
    9. Attend workshops.
    10. Publish that Kansas Photobook.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome.

    For questions about prints I can be reached at:

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    Thanks for visiting betterbill photography.